1. Connection to Local and Global Business Network
    Members of the AEX are listed in the AEX websites, enjoying free global connection and publicity online.
  2. Business News and Updates
    Each member receives a complimentary copy of the AEX business updates. This will be disseminated to members periodically. It provides the latest news on regional trade and economic development, happenings in the business community and reports on members’ events and activities.
  3. Regional Business Networking Opportunities 
    Members are given opportunities to network and establish business contacts with overseas visiting business delegates. Members also receive exclusive invitations to participate in overseas trade mission
  4. Business Exchange
    AEX provides a platform for members to identify business partner, business deals, and/or merger acquisition opportunities
  5. Business Events at Affordable Charges
    AEX conducts business talks, seminars, workshops, conferences and other events annually. Priority invitations and concession rates are extended to members to attend these events.
  6. Exclusive Social / Recreational / Cultural / Educational Events
    AEX organises regular members’ gatherings and special functions to allow its members to enjoy camaraderie within a relaxed atmosphere.
  7. Business chat room
    AEX provides complimentary access to a close and moderated Facebook and/or Linked in group to share business information, business deals and experiences sharing on entrepreneurship topics.