Teng Theng Dar

Founding Chairman, Asia Entrepreneurs Exchange Limited

With a strong conviction that the new drivers of the next waves of growth will come from entrepreneur groups, Mr. Teng has been working with like-minded business partners, communities and enabling platform operators to jointly develop an eco-system to promote and enable co-creation among entrepreneurs.
He graduated from the School of Commerce, Waseda University, Japan in 1979 and started his first job in Japan by joining Kao Corporation Japan, a leading Japanese MNC in the toiletries, cosmetic and chemical sector.
Over a period of more than 35 years with different companies and sectors, he worked in more than 10 countries in Asia and in Australia.
His last professional appointment was CEO of the Singapore Business Federation during which he served as Chair of APEC Business Advisory Council, APEC Singapore Year 2009.


After graduated from School of Commerce, Waseda University in spring 1979, he joined Kao Corporation, Japan and was tasked by the Company to coordinate regional product development and marketing strategy for the SE Asia markets. He remained with the Company until 1992 and thereafter he served as CEO/MD/Director of various listed companies in Australia and Singapore.In years 2008 -2011, he was CEO of Singapore Business Federation, years 2003 – 2011 Member of APEC Business Advisory Council and in 2009, he was appointed ABAC Chair for APEC Singapore Year.He also served as member of various international and bilateral business councils, charity organizations as well as multiple Singapore Government policy feedback committees.